Jam Today!

Jars of Raspberry jam

I have been volunteering for Brentwood Mutual Aid for some time now. I shop or collect prescriptions for people who are shielding and ‘phone people on a weekly basis to provide a friendly contact. I have also been involved with friends in the operation to provide food and other shopping for the most vulnerable through the open food bank at St Peters Hutton. They have been running the Daily Bread Café for the last two years, partly to help with isolation and loneliness. They collect from local supermarkets, particularly food that is just in date, but about to be dumped.

That gave us the idea that the soft fruit that is often quick to go, could be made into jam, sold at a modest premium and the money returned to the the Daily Bread Café so that they could then buy some of the needed goods that supermarkets don’t give away so often.

Thus ‘Jam Today!’ was born.

The idea is simple and fun.

A jar could make a good Christmas present too!

To buy your jar, place your order here by emailing my colleague Richard Millwood and he’ll be in touch – the deal is £5 plus a clean jar, including delivery (and collection of said jar) in Brentwood.

If you’d like to support this campaign, get in touch.